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“I first experienced Synchronicity of Spirit back in 2002 at a group channeling given by Victoria. The energy in the room was so strong, it's hard to describe. Just like angels were there with us, no kidding! As she was speaking, I felt a hand touch my back..and since that day, chronic pain I had been suffering for years just disappeared. This was the real thing!

P. Thornton, Washington DC

“How do you thank someone who actually changes your life? I have been blessed to receive Life Coaching from Victoria for nearly two years. She has helped me through a bad break-up, job changes, and totally helped me recreate my image of myself. I am achieving Synchronicity of Spirit and everything in my life is so much easier now. Thanks Victoria:)!”

Sarah Campbell, Philadelphia, PA

"I'm so glad you now have your HQ here in Hawaii. After just two readings, I feel deep changes in my self. I know Synchronicity of Spirit was meant to find me. My PTSD is much less intense than it was; I am very optimistic. Maybe I will be able to help others too.

Koa , Hilo, Hawaii

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