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Meet The Elestials....

The Springtime of 2002 was a very busy time for me. I had launched Synchronicity, a beautiful little store in the quant resort town of Berkeley Springs, WVA. We had a retail store in front where we sold crystals, new age art, native American art and drums, and much more. We also had a Temple Room, a very peaceful and inspirational group space, reserved for private readings and group channeling events.

One day, some local young people, also known as "the crystal kids" came by looking to sell some crystals they had harvested. I was always happy to see them, because they had an almost magical talent to find crystals unlike the common quartz I was used to seeing. Today, they brought "elestials." It was the first time I had ever heard of them or seen one and I was instantly enchanted by their power.

They were beautiful quartz, smoky and blazed with rainbow colors which projected from many dimensions of triangles, pyramids. It was is if one could look inside and see unknown worlds. Of course, I had to have them. I bought them all, thinking how my customers would love to buy them. Little did i know that i would never sell even one...and that they would change my life and all who I touched...forever.

A few days later, I was doing a reading with a woman in the Temple room. Without thinking, I put several elestials on the table and invited my client to touch them (as I did) during the reading. The second we began, I knew something was different. I felt a warm buzzing energy wash over my whole body. With my eyes closed, I could "see" the auric field quite clearly around my client. I began to speak and heard a slight echo, a slight delay and a different pitch to my voice. "I know why you are here," I said. Then I spoke nonstop for about 20 minutes, details the woman's life with crystal clarity. Her whole life was just laid out before me. I felt a strong energy vibrate down my arm and into the hand that held the crystal, which had by now, become very hot. The spirit in the Elestial crystal not only spelled out this woman's spiritual destiny and life path, but also wove an unspoken bond between us. We had become Sisters in Synchronicity of Spirit. This reading was far more profound than any I had ever done previously. It would be the first of many.

After my new sister left, the mysterious voice continued to speak to me. She said that she was an Elestial entity named Primordia and that i should begin offering trance channel group events every Friday evening. She promised to reveal the process of merging of high divine frequencies into our human physical forms.

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