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Readings and More...

Whatever the issues of concern are for you at this time, Victoria can help. Together, We can make sense of confusion and let go of old pain. We will heal the root causes of harmful addictions, attracting negative relationships, and the blocks to the life of wealth and comfort you so richly deserve.

Victoria is well known for being the "Teacher to the teachers" and a "healer to the healers." She understands the special challenges that lightworkers and healers face in the management of their gifts. She wants you to thrive in your own spiritual practices and will support you in all that you are striving to achieve in your life.

Particularly if you have always felt "a little different" from others, like you didn't fit in, or perhaps have special sensitivities or psychic abilities you would like to develop or control, then Victoria'sLife path readings are for you. Sometimes, one session is all it takes to alter your path significantly.

The first phone reading is charged at $75.00 and usually lasts about an hour. If, after that reading, you feel like Victoria;s work is right for you,

subsequent readings are charged at 1.50 per minute. That way, you can always schedule a quick session whenever you like. It's all about serving your needs at your convenience; easy and affordable..

We also have a Membership program which bring you into contact with other members, gives you great discounts on readings, CD's, workshops, and much more. Just go the the "Membership Benefits" page and join now. All readings can be paid for by Paypal.

The Elestials speak...

Approximately once per month, Victoria offers deep trance channeling for groups at the Synchronicity of Spirit center in Pahoa, Hawaii. The cost is by donation. These events typically last about one hour during which time any of The Elestial entities will come through and bring prophetic messages, inspiring teachings, and personal healing energies to all present. Please join us in synchronicity with these vast angelic beings as they bring messages of hope, love and peace to all. Space is limited, so please call to register in advance. 

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