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Synchronicity of Spirit is...

Synchronicity of spirit exists. Spirit exists in every dimension. Synchronicity of Spirit is the act of integrating spirit into the physical realm. Completely, effortlessly. Timelessly. It is something we need, something we desire.

Synchronicity of Spirit is the answer to almost every problem you can think of. It is a person, the person, the being you create when you choose to remove all the barriers to love. It is your spiritual community without walls. Your home you carry everywhere with you. It is a place. A coordinate of space/time.

With synchronicity of spirit comes total consciousness, explicit meaning, and deep understanding. To begin to achieve and become this integration of Soul-Mind-Body, we start with acknowledgment of what is, of our existence, of the fact of your Soul, then your Mind, then your body. 

Acknowledge -> Activate -> Nourish -> Celebrate -> Share ->

Acknowledge your soul, activate your consciousness of the fact that this beautiful spirit, Learn to “see” your soul as your own. Practice visualizing the realm of the soul; where it lives, what the colors and shapes comprise it.

Acknowledge your mind in relation to your soul. Practice “seeing your mind as he Master voice, explore the vast possibilities and powers that lay dormant there. This is he Master Voice just as for the Elestials; The Teacher is our Master Voice. Learn to say “I AM.’ Learn to know that your mind is the portal between soul and body. It is the key to sos.

Acknowledge your body as the expression of your soul and mind. Your body simply carries the mind and soul throughout its magical journeys along the many lifetimes on this earth-plane. With the body, you experience sos. 


We are here, acting and speaking through Victoria, to bring forth the evolution of your species. You have come a very long way. There is no going back. In order to continue existing on this plane, in this special and beautiful world, it is critical that you evolve into peaceful, self-sustaining, loving beings of light. You must be fully conscious, empowered in synchronicity. We have altered the central nervous system and energy centers (chakras) of Victoria, so that she is now able to withstand very powerful surges of transformative frequencies. These, she delivers to you via her voice and touch.

We will continue to speak through her now that we have completed the relocation to the sacred space of The Big Island of Hawaii, the most powerful healing and regenerative vortex on Earth. Through special energies embedded into this website, we now call to you, too. You know who you are. Now is the time for you to manifest the fullness your destiny. You also were brought here by a series of Synchronicities, quite beyond normal rational.

We are a gathering family who live in the present create the future by remembering it, and by changing the past. We can only begin to show you the joy you will feel as you find your true family, who, just like you, has been waiting all these restless years for Divine Reunion. So, dear sisters and brothers, welcome to Synchronicity of Spirit. your spiritual community without walls.   

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