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About Victoria

Victoria, Starling Home, has been channeling expert spiritual advice and Angelic healing energies for over 25 years. She is well known as a consummate"healer of healers" and "teacher of teachers." her readings truly help to "Synchronize" all areas of your life.

See the testimonial page to learn how many long term clients and members are enjoying emotionally and spiritually happier lives, free of the negative influences, addictive patterns, and life-draining relationships that used to hold them back from being fully empowered. 

Bringing someones life into a new and permanent level of balace, in other words into Synchronicity, is the heart of Victoria's coaching work. Acheiving Synchronicity of Spirit, where all aspects of a persons being (mind, body and soul) is now available to all. As your Life Mentor, Victoria is always there for you, whatever challenges you face in life."Everyone is unique in their state of health, happiness, and finding what is needed to achieve harmony and balance is a joyful process. ," says Victoria. " Whether someone comes to me for one reading, or extended support, they will recieve amazingly accurate and relevant psychic guidance and powerful spiritual healing energies that will, in some way, change their lives for the better."

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